Racing circuits

Laser scanned racing circuits

Virtual Reality identical to real world - this is the aim we are pursuing. The software solutions we use precisely reproduce each racing circuit - it's surface, unevenness and curves by using 3d scanning technology.

Video system

3 types video systems

The video systems we use in our simulators realistically replicates the view a driver would see in a real car.

3 monitors system

- 3 AMOLED technology monitors

  • - 32 inch diagonal size of each monitor
  • - 7680 * 1440 resolution
  • - 144 Hz frequenzy
  • - > 1 ms latency

3 projectors system

- 3 DLP technology monitors

  • - 4 meter wide entire screen
  • - 3840 * 720 resolution
  • - 120 Hz frequenzy
  • - > 1 ms latency

VR system

- Pimax 5K (currently most suited for Sim-racing)

  • - 170° horizontal FOV
  • - 2560 * 1440 resolution for each eye
  • - 90 Hz frequenzy
  • - < 15 ms latency

Steering system

Direct drivesteering system

Direct Drive technology is famous for being powerful. However, the secret is a precision, not the brutal force. It can feel replicate the precision of a racing car steering system till the last bit of a a detail - one can feel every bump or even every stone on the road. Direct Drive systems transmit real force feedback power at 1:1 scale resolution, providing the most realistic experience for a driver.

Motion system

3 DOF motion system

The sense of speed is important for you? High quality video system is not enough to go on top of this problem. The real solution - a motion system. That has the greatest chance of giving you the sense of speed you are after. The most precise motion system accurately translates to the driver all the physical parameters based on real data like acceleration, braking, cornering forces and bumps.

3 DOF motion system is a completely "next level" sensation if compared with most popular 2 DOF systems. However, if you are looking for a challenge or eSports activities, no motion simulator is the best choice for you.

3 DOF motion system

  • 3 actuators of 100 mm travel

Compared to 2 DOF systems, 3 DOF system has no compromise to simulate vertical forces. For example, it is really moving the seat up/ down if riding over a bump and not forward/ backward as in 2 DOF system.

2 DOF motion system

  • 3 actuators of 150 mm travel

This system allows to simulate longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces by moving seat and driver body forward/ backward and right/ left. However vertical force simulation is a compromise as to induce a vertical force this system simply moving the back of the seat forward and backward.

Pedal system

Hydraulic brake system

An extraordinary ability to play with brake pedal highlights champions from the rest. So getting the brake pedal right for you is extremely valuable. Thus hydraulic technology based brake system is used in our simulators. This can replicate a precise and identical to real race car brake pedal feeling.

up to 120kg brake pedal load force

Clutch pedal system replicates the way clutch system of a real car is working: you can feel the moment when clutch disks come in to contact.

Shifting system

"Paddle" & "Sequential" type shifting system

You can use 1 of the 2 most often used shifter systems in motorsport - "Paddle" and "Sequential" shifters.

"Paddle shift" system

Gears are changed by pressing buttons on a left and right side of the wheel. This is the most advanced gear change system currently available. It has been started to be used in Formula 1 and now it is being installed to most racing cars.

"Sequential shift" system

Gears are changed by pushing a lever forward and backward. This type of system is still used in those motorsport series that have "Paddle" shifting systems prohibited by the rules.

"Data logging"

Comprehensive "data logging" system

The analysis of telemetry data is one of the most important parts of driver development program. After the driving session, the data is provided to the driver. He can analyse those data by himself or with the help of our staff. The understanding of the data helps to find speed on track more effectively and sooner.

Car types

GT & Formula type simulator configurations

You can choose the seating position of a "GT" and "Formula" types cars. Test how "Formula" pilots are driving in a "lying" position!

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