Full compatibility

INDUSTRIELLE technology is compatible with all leading simulation titles

Profesional use

INDUSTRIELLE products and solutions are in use by motorsport teams, racing drivers and simulation centres.

Custom projects

INDUSTRIELLE has experience in converting real cars into fully working simulators.

Industrial components

Real industrial engineering components are used in INDUSTRIELLE products and solutions.

Future development

INDUSTRIELLE is constantly improving their products and solutions. Check what is in the pipeline below

Release dateWhat's updated
1 February 2021v.3 of Paddle ShiftersPaddle Shifters re-designed to all aluminium CNC machined units.
1 March 2021v.2 of 4_DOF Motion SystemFully re-engineered actuators for more flexible compatibility and better durability.
1 May 2021v.2 of Steering System (beta)Steering system motor and motor control electronics engineered as one unit.
1 June 2021v.6 of PedalsRe-designed hydraulic system in to a mono fluid cylinder unit.
1 August 2021v.1 of Plug - in HUB (beta)A hub developed that allows to plug all input controls into 1 single device.
1 September 2021v.1 of software interface (beta)Single and all - encompassing software interface developed. It allows users to control Steering and Motion Systems, Pedals, Shifters, Button boxes in 1 single software interface.
1 October 2021v.3 of Steering System (beta)Input control hardware management electronics installed inside the Steering system unit.
1 November 2021v.4 of Steering System (beta)In-house built control software for Steering system control developed.
1 December 2021v.1 of G_Force Replication System (beta)Sustained G_Force Replication device based on fundamental of pneumatic engineered.
1 January 2022v.2 of Steering System (stable)Steering system motor and motor control electronics engineered as one unit.