Mixed reality

Master your skills of performance driving.
Use engineered reality to experience the
thrill of racing.

Drive in 1 of 3

Arrive to one of our locations and have an unforgetable driving experience!


Our Full scale car type simulators provide full immersion to racing. Find out more about our simulators >

based simulators. From €1/min. drive

Young people of age up to 12 years to be immersed in to the world of racing. Junior type simulators fully replicates Full scale car type simulator experience.


Important! Junior type simulator users can race on the same track and at the same time as their friends or parents in a Full scale car type simulator.

type simulators. 8-15€/20 min. drive.

This is mostly for die-hard racers, for those who aims to compete in e-Sports competitions. However, we strongly recommend to take this service before taking Full scale car simulator service or Mini car simulator service.

type simulators. From €1/hour drive.

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