Steering system


Steering Base

The current version of INDUSTRIELLE Steering Base is engineered according to OSW (Open Source Wheel) Direct Drive technology.

OSW Direct Drive is f fast, reliable and tested by thousands of sim racers. Direct Drive technology is famous for being powerful. However, the secret is precision, not the brutal force. It can feel replicate the precision of a racing car steering system till the last bit of a a detail – one can feel every bump or even every stone on the road.

Direct Drive systems transmit real force feedback power at 1:1 scale resolution, providing the most realistic experience for a driver.

Pro GT wheel

This is the very top-end GT type wheel for every sim – racer. The design is based around a Sparco P310 Competition steering wheel.
The custom carbon fibre capped wheel box is fitted with 15 pushbuttons and 2 turn/push rotary encoders.

You can choose to integrate a Z1 LCD screen for telemetry display.

You can choose to add a set of aluminum and carbon fibre built magnetic switch Paddle Shifters. The wheel can be mounted to a host wheel system using a Leo Bodnar Formula or Holger Buchfink Q1R Quick


We have created a sophisticated and yet a very affordable wheel.
The custom wheel box is fitted with 4 pushbuttons and 1 turn/ push rotary encoder.

You can choose to add a set of aluminum and carbon fibre built magnetic switch Paddle Shifters. picture of another side of the wheel

Steering Base

– USB (Plug&Play) connection
– Compatible with all major racing simulation titles
– Option to choose GT, Formula or Rally steering wheel types
– Configurable from 40 to 1080 degrees
– Peak torque up to18 NM
– 20000 encoder counts per revolution (16 bit resolution)

Steering Base

– Compact powder coated Control Unit with on/ off switch and reset button
– Power cables of 1, 2 or 3 metre (up on your choice)
– 3 axis adjustable motor mount system
– Motor Shaft to Steering Wheel Adapter
– A 1-to-1 Wheel System Setup Session to configure the system and choose the most realistic feel settings
– 3 year warranty

Steering Base

INDUSTRIELLE motion technology is compatible with all leading simulation titles
logo’s of
rFactor, rF2, rFactor Pro, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project CARS, Codemasters F1, Automobilista and many others.

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