Who we are

We are true racers. Our passion is speed and competition. Besides simulators business we run a racing team with Lamborghini Huracan ST EVO car.
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Deep involvement in real world racing helps us constantly improve our simulators and simulated driving experience. Our UX engineers closely cooperate with our simulation technology providers Industrielle to design full immersion mixed reality racing.

What we do

We provide the most realistic racing experience to any (true) speed lover – real world racing driver or sim racer by engineering simulation equipment, renting and selling it, providing simulated driving experience.


We are official distributor of our simulation technology providers Industrielle.

MostRealistic provides speed lovers with the most sophisticated simulation equipment so they can experience the most realistic engineered reality racing.
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We integrate visual, kinesthetic and acoustic factors to engineer the true sence of speed, G forces experienced in a real world racing car and overall full immersion.

Pure performance is not everything we care about. MostRealistic simulators meet highest safety standarts. And we
rely on socially responsible suppliers only.


We rent fully assembled simulators

Any speed lover or a group of enthusiasts can rent any of our 3 simulator models. We can deliver them anywhere you need. It can be used in a business Expo to attract your visitors to your booth, a corporate team building party to race with your colleagues, or at home to perfect your racing skills.


We provide simulated driving experience at designated locations

We have installed high-end VR headset and high-end driving controls to an authentic Lamborghini Huracan racing car. This way MostRealistic simulator recreates the exact same experience for a driver allowing a driver familiarize with the real world car as seen through the VR headset.

The most sophisticated Industrielle Motion system has been used to enable the driver feel of high fidelity motion cues. Combined with high-end VR headset the system creates true sensation of speed. Try out >

Our vision

We believe racing can be digital. With all the latest technology available – wide FOV high resolution VR headset, direct drive steering system, hydraulic pedals, high speed pneumatic system and high frequency motion system – we can engineer full immersion mixed reality racing experience.

Racing fun should be accesible to everyone!

Simulation technology

MostRealistic partners with INDUSTRIELLE – a technologically advanced simulation hardware engineering and manufacturing team. INDUSTRIELLE engineers and provides simulation equipment,based on extensive driver testing and bespoke advanced design concepts.

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Join our network

We grow through our licensed partner network.
At the moment our simulation Hub is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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